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My love of flowers started young. I'd pick them from our garden or along the roadside on our family walks. I didn't know much about florist shops or flower markets, all I knew was that I loved flowers, and appreciated their natural untouched beauty. 


As I grew older, I started arranging the flowers that I gathered, constantly filling Mum's vases with anything she'd let me cut from her garden. My passion for flowers combined with encouragement from my beautiful Mum led me to pursue the art of floral design. 


So much of my inspiration is gathered from the cottage gardens of Europe, and wildflowers and grasses that I forage on the roadside. I love that these flowers have a certain gentleness to their design, favouring a quiet romantic tone. I always hope to capture these qualities in my arrangements, allowing the florals to showcase their natural beauty and form. Each arrangement takes on an effortless design, with an airy, rambling feel. This combined with beautiful foliage & wild textures makes up the basis of my floral design. 


This business could not run without my wonderful husband Josh. When we started dating, Josh was very sweet and super interested in my floristry, but I thought his enthusiasm may die down as we furthered our relationship. This was not the case! Josh is the sounding board to all my ideas, a jack of all trades, spreadsheet wiz, and the muscles behind my work.  Here at Floral Collective, we work as a team, combining skills to create beautiful florals just for you! 


Floral Collective is based in the Newcastle & Hunter Region of NSW, but we are very happy to travel. If you'd like to hear more about our story or chat with us further, please don't hesitate to send us a message, and we'll be in touch soon x 

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